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Tiger Kloof gets Wi-Fi grant.

In July 2015, Parry Family Charitable Foundation made a grant of £7588 to install Wi-Fi and cover running costs for two years at Tiger Kloof School in the township of Vryburg South Africa. 

Hear what our guest blogger Mark Boobbyer, Director of Tiger Kloof Educational Institution, has to say. 


“The Wi-Fi is a great success…we are so grateful to you.

Wi-Fi was installed at Tiger Kloof in August. Within a week I had a student who stopped me and said “Sir, thank you for installing Wi-Fi.” It is only available to students in their lessons, but it had clearly had a real impact.

This morning I popped into a Life Sciences class. Mr Cilliers was giving a wonderful lesson on plate tectonics and fossilization. He moved from discussion of fault lines on the planet with maps of the world, to the Rift Valley and Africa on the screen, to showing clips from a David Attenborough film with ease. These pictures were taken from this lesson with students watching the David Attenborough download.

From there I went to the computer lab where students were busy with an assessment task on some computers, while teachers were able to use others for the inputting of marks. Previously this could only be done centrally off one computer at the office.

 There was an amusing moment in the computer lab where our computer teacher pointed out Mr Kruger, the older Afrikaans teacher. His face was the picture of concentration as he put his assessment marks into the computer. This had previously all been done by hand by the teachers, who then gave it to our one school secretary and she was always under enormous pressure to enter all the handwritten data correctly.


The Wi-Fi has opened new visions to us to incorporate the latest Information Technology in our lessons in the classrooms.

We still have work to do in educating some of our staff on how to use the facility effectively in class, but interest has been sparked, the pupils are already benefitting and staff are able to work more easily wherever they are on site.

Over time, I think all our staff will really begin to see the benefit in their teaching, although for some it will involve a complete change of mind set!”