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So what did we get up to in 2016?

Review of 2016

This is our second full year as a registered grant making charity. It has been eventful, busy and very rewarding.

At the heart of the Foundation’s objectives is our commitment to support organisations that make a meaningful difference to people’s lives. We believe our grants made during 2016 demonstrate our passion to work with others to achieve our core aims.


During the year we have made grants totalling £13,501 to the following organisations:

  • Institute in the Park to purchase a ThermoFisher Scientific EVOS XL

    Brian and Angela are leading the research

    Cell Imaging System. This kit is state of the art microscope technology which will aid research into various childhood illnesses. Institute in the Park is the home of International Centre for Children’s Research, Innovation and Education based on the same campus as Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool. It is dedicated to researching children illnesses with the aim of managing and understanding the diseases better. It harnesses these aims with education and improved techniques which will lead to better outcomes. This Institute is a cutting edge organisation collaborating internationally to advance paediatric medical care. The trustees are excited by this work and hope that this project will lead to a long and fruitful relationship with the Institute.

  • helping children to realise their full potential

    Small grants to Duchenne Now in Heywood Lancashire, Children in Need, Blooming Blossoms in Hackney London, Water Aid and Debra

  • Alzheimer’s Research supporting Prof Clemens Kaminski’s research at Cambridge into the risk genes for late-onset Alzheimer’s disease. We have contributed to this research over a number of years and will be discussing further involvement with Prof Kaminski next year. All our grants to Alzheimer’s are in memory of Mrs Bridget Parry.
  • a special guest enjoying the afternoon

    Our own programme of Waldorf Experience goes from strength to strength with six “Afternoon Tea with Song & Music” events being held at Windermere School and St John’s Academy Marlborough. Concerts and more afternoon teas are planned and we are talking to a school in Bristol about becoming involved. It is clear that these events are thoroughly enjoyed by our guests.

great opportunity to make a real difference

We are discussing with Windermere School and Tiger Kloof an exciting project to work together to support Thussanang Centre for Disabled Children in the small community of Huhudi near Vryburg South Africa. The aim is to train and appoint dedicated teaching assistants to underpin the crucial work undertaken at this wonderful centre. Hopefully we will have more to report during 2017.


lots of great fun days

Discussions are also underway to help the local Down’s Syndrome support group in Bristol. They regularly arrange fun days for the children and their parents. On 21st March it is world Down’s Syndrome awareness day and so they have decided to do a family fun day to celebrate.

We are building some solid relationships with like-minded charities and not-for-profit organisations.

During 2016 we received donations of £67,420.

The endowment fund stands at £274,596 in investments with deposits of £45,476 making a grand total of £320,072. Our investments have performed well with dividends of £2,827 received during 2016 and capital appreciation to date standing at £59,501 as at 31 December 2016. 

Our Annual Report & Accounts for 2015-16 were filed with the Charity Commission on 17 December covering the developments we have made to deliver our strategy and key objectives. We are in a strong financial position and able to look forward with confidence. Building an unfettered endowment fund to generate income to meet future grant budgets is a key objective. Stock markets across the globe have been affected by several unpredicted events including Brexit, Donald Trump’s election as US president and EU uncertainty . Investment performance to date is averaging 28% pa allowing for dividends and growth in fund values. This is extraordinary and highly unlikely to be sustained with many analysts believing that stock markets across the globe are probably over valued and some correction is likely in the medium term.

We are pleased with how much has been achieved in 2016 and are fired-up to make more happen in 2017.

At home, in the UK, and across the world there are many people deprived of their basic needs. Although our Foundation’s contribution in addressing these challenges is extremely modest we hope you will join us by playing a part, no matter how small, in “making a meaningful difference to people’s lives”.