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So what did we get up to in 2015?

logoOur Foundation was set up on 20 October 2014 and granted charitable status by the Charity Commission on 19 December 2014 so 2015 has been our first year operating as a charity.

So what have we done?

Let’s start with what the Foundation is about. We are a grant making charity with a broad remit but central to our objectives is to support organisations that make a meaningful difference to people’s lives.

During the year we have made grants totalling £24,242 to the following organisations:

  • Tiger Kloof, a township school in Vryburg, South Africa to install wi-fi which hasalder hey oct9 transformed teaching and learning.
  • Butterfly Psyche, a small community theatre group in Bath, to help fund the “Snow Child” production that has brought drama to the community including, amongst others, disabled and challenged children.
  • Small grants to Hospiscare in Exeter, Children in Need, Royal British Legion, Alzheimer’s Research and the Salvation Army.

boysIt is particularly pleasing that we are building some strong relationships with like-minded charities and not-for-profit organisations.

We have received donations of £204,180 including transfers from the trustees’ CAF Trust account.

The endowment fund has been set up with £150,059 invested in securities. The investments have performed well and delivered dividends of £813 with capital appreciation of £11,936 as at 31 December 2015. The strong growth in global stock markets from a low in August has delivered this exceptional performance which is unlikely to be repeated over the next few years. Markets are likely to be volatile and could see some dramatic corrections.

The Foundation has a strong financial base which is so important in enabling us to have a meaningful grant programme. 

The trustees are content with the progress made in producing the Foundation’s strategic and operational framework with robust processes and relevant documentation. There is more to be done in 2016.

Our first Annual Report & Accounts were filed with the Charity Commission on 22 December covering the developments we have made to deliver our strategy and key objectives.

We are pleased with how much has been achieved in 2015 and are fired-up to make more happen in 2016.

At home, in the UK, and across the world there are many people deprived of their basic needs. To address these inequalities is the challenge for us all. Although our Foundation’s contribution in tackling these needs is extremely modest we hope you will join us by playing a part, no matter how small, in “making a meaningful difference to people’s lives”.