Our Policies

Our Policies

You can access our policy documents to understand the Foundation’s guiding principles and how the trustees are dealing with the tasks of managing the Foundation.

Strategy & Policy

A key document setting out our strategy and top line policies that inform both direction and how the Foundation functions.


Risk Management

The Foundation’s operations needed to deliver its objectives will be subject to a wide range of risks. It is important that the trustees recognise these risks and put in place procedures to address them. This policy document sets out how we are addressing these challenges.

Investment & Endowment Fund Policy

Being a grant making charity, in practical terms, demands that an endowment fund is put in place to generate income to finance our Grant Programme over the long term. The endowment fund is a dedicated investment portfolio with holdings in a range of securities. It is important therefore that both policy and management in this area are robust.

Data Protection  – Privacy Notice

With the introduction of GDPR we have set out our privacy notice to ensure we meet the regulations.