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Infosound Viv’s story


Infosound is a small charity based in Brighton that we are extremely proud to support. It offers a unique service in keeping the blind and partially sighted informed about so much that is vital to leading a more inclusive and fuller life. The charity receives no support from either central or local government but is totally dependent on donations and grants. Viv Davies is an Infosound trustee. We asked her to write a blog about her experiences and role as a trustee. Viv is registered blind and has a wonderful story to tell. This is what she had to say.


Viv Davies listening to infosound’s output

“I suffered a few eye problems in the past but the glaucoma that sadly was not picked up for seven months was the reason for my becoming registered blind. I was devastated especially as I now know that it was avoidable. My world was shattered.

I had to give up a career I loved, my car and my independence. I had to leave an area and home that I had lived in for 40 years in order to live in a quieter place and on one level. Counselling was offered in the hope that it would help me come to terms with the very traumatic situation I now found myself in but sadly this did not work.

I was assigned a fantastic rehabilitation officer for the visually impaired (ROVI) who helped me to make the best of my situation and trained me to use a white cane.

Even after seven years I have not fully accepted my situation but gradually I have found more confidence, made some wonderful new friends and have an exceptional husband by my side.

I was asked if I would consider becoming a trustee for Infosound by a friend of my husbands. I met with Rowland Myers, the managing editor, to find out what Infosound was all about and as it seemed such a good cause I agreed.

Infosound is a charity which supports blind and partially sighted people by providing a wide ranging information service. Our charity is completely impartial and funded by donations. As a trustee I feel that my role is to ensure that Infosound caters and supports those living with sight loss with material which is both relevant and impartial.

I feel that acting as a trustee for such a worthwhile cause will go a small way to repaying some of the skills and support I received when I first lost my sight.

By representing the visually impaired community as a blind person myself, I feel that I can contribute constructively to some of the decisions taken and give a true perspective on living with sight loss and the difficulties encountered by a very undeniable disability.


new kit that’s transforming infosound’s productions

Looking forward, my primary aspiration for Infosound is that it continues, grows and reaches as many people as possible. With funding, hopefully this will continue. We rely totally on donations and grants. Such a service needs to be out there, promoted and recognised as the unique and supportive lifeline that it is. It is so different from the many charities supporting the blind and sight impaired. Indeed it is Infosound that alerts me to new products, pension changes, travel cards, holidays, mobility problems and so much more.”


It is when you come across charities such as Infosound and people like Viv that the case for supporting them becomes compelling. Viv’s candid and inspiring story helps us all to understand what is happening at the very important personal level. I think you will agree with us that Viv is a special lady. We are delighted to know her.