Grant Programme

Grant Programme

Grants 2019/20

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We had an excellent 2018/19 with total grants made of £29,109. Our objective of building a robust pipeline has also been achieved with new relationships and grant projects being developed. 

The trustees have agreed a Grant Budget for 2019/20 of £30,000, the same as last year and  £10,000 more than our medium term target.

There is within this budget a Small Grants Pot (SGP) catering for grants upto a maximum of  £750. Allocations from SGP are not  subject to the same exacting criteria applied to main grants.


The year has got off to a great start. We already have some grant applications at an advanced stage and others that are progressing well. A key objective is to develop long term relationships with charities and good causes and with this in mind discussions are underway with some old friends about new projects.   We are always looking for imaginative projects that meet our objectives and offer great value in tackling important needs.

Our Grant Programme for 2019/20 is quickly being allocated. In addition to grants already approved this year we are working our way through some excellent applications with new and existing charities. New applications, if successful, will be placed in our pipeline for 2020/21 if budget is not available from 2019/20.

Stay & Play session

Stay & Play session

 New imaginative and great value for money projects are always welcome. Look at our criteria. “Matched funding” is a good way forward and will find favour with the trustees. We used this approach in our grants to infosound.

All applications must meet our challenging criteria and in particular demonstrate “value for money”.

It is encouraging that the charities and other organisations we are talking to are responding well to our aims and objectives and have re-visited their applications with our help to improve value, measurable rewards and focus.

We all need to improve efficiency with less going on administration and more on meeting the need.

A fuller explanation of our grant criteria and processes can be found in What Do We Fund and the Grant Process

The trustees are happy to consider a broad range of applications and want to build long term relationships with more charities and not for profit organisations.

Find out here what grants we have made to date.


Blooming Blosssoms and Cumbria Downs Syndrome Support Group are two charities we have been able to help under the Small Grants Pot arrangements.


We can use the Small Grants Pot throughout the year to support a wide range of charities and not for profit organisations whose objectives resonate with our aims and strategy. It is our custom to make some grants from this pot to good causes at any time but particularly at Christmas.


Waldorf Experience

The WaldorfExperience 29

“Waldorf Experience” afternoon at Windermere School

We have piloted our own programme called the “Waldorf Experience” which focuses on tackling loneliness, one of the big challenges our society faces, and bringing the generations together.  The events embrace a high quality afternoon tea with song and music.  We have also piloted a  different approach by creating an informal café style cabaret event with more guests attending. To date we have held  twelve events in total and they have all been a great success with everybody involved having a wonderful time.