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About Us


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We are a small independent  grant making foundation that supports charities making a meaningful difference to people’s lives.
We established our Foundation in October 2014 and became a registered charity with the Charity Commission in December 2014 having previously dealt with charitable giving through our trust at CAF and personal donations. Increasingly we felt that we would be more effective by setting up the Foundation. We  closed our CAF trust in 2015 and transferred all the assets to the Foundation.

There are three reasons for creating our Foundation:

  •  we wanted to build an endowment fund to secure grant making into the future.
  •  we needed to have a greater input into shaping projects and how our grants are spent.
  •  we had become concerned about the high operating costs of some charities and wanted to drive the maximum benefit from our grants in targeting real need -“more spent at the coalface and less on overheads”

reach for the sky, anything is possible

Therefore we want to support vital projects that are well-managed by energetic and highly efficient charities. We expect any charity we support to demonstrate high levels of efficiency and excellent value for money with the maximum amount of any grant made being spent on the people in need.

We received our first donation in April 2015 and were overjoyed to make our first grant in July 2015 to Tiger Kloof, a township school in Vryburg, South Africa, to fund the installation and operation of wifi which has transformed teaching and learning at this impressive institution.

Grant Record

Go to our record of grants which gives an insight into what we are about.

Annual Reviews

Our Annual Reviews help explain what we have been doing and how we are performing.


You will find blogs from our archives telling wonderful stories about the charities and good causes we have built enduring relationships with by helping them deliver great projects.

Approach to Grant Making 

Given the level of our annual grant budget and our aim to focus on meaningful main grants  we will consider only a few applications each year and maintain a modest pipeline.
Perhaps no more than four grants will made each year to maximise impact. The Foundation is focused on building long term relationships with charities and not-for-profit organisations leading to a collaborative approach to project development and grant support.
We want to make the most of donations we receive by keeping our own costs low. The Foundation currently has no staff with the trustees undertaking all the administrative work claiming only reasonable expenses. Go to Grant Programme to find out our current position on grant budgets.

Our Strategy

  • stop this happening

    Support vibrant, innovative and super efficient charities to deliver meaningful projects that have a tangible impact on improving people’s lives.

  • Grants must deliver maximum benefits in addressing the need.
  • Our focus is to offer grants to fund discrete projects.
  • Successful charities that we will support will be well run with great leadership, clear objectives and proven track records. They must be able to demonstrate they can deliver value for money.
  • For maximum impact grants are likely to be awarded to small and medium sized charities with focused aims and a successful record of tackling the need.

Some applications are approved on a “matched funding” basis whereby we commit to a grant subject to it being matched, in part or whole, by funding from elsewhere. This approach is proving effective at generating new funds by incentivising the charity applying for the grant to get organised and secure donations from others. “Matched funding” also reduces a charity’s dependency on their existing donors by seeking new supporters.

Our long term aim is to build from donations a flexible and unrestricted endowment fund to generate an income to finance the Foundation’s future grant programme budgets.

However over the foreseeable future our Grant Programme will be funded primarily from donations with a modest contribution from the endowment fund. As the endowment fund grows it will deliver an increasing proportion of the grant funding.
The annual grant budget target is 4% of the endowment fund with a minimum of £20,000. This target will be reviewed annually.

It is not our intention, in the near future, to embrace fund raising activities but to rely upon donations from trustees and supporters.

We will only work directly with charities and not engage with intermediaries.

Our current strategy is to prioritise three key areas:
o Helping People in Need
o Tackling Poverty
o Saving Lives & Improving Health