Grant Programme

Grant Programme

Grants 2017/18 

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We have had a most successful 2016/17 with the budget fully allocated. Now in 2017/18 we are looking to approve new grants that will make a difference in people’s lives.

The trustees have agreed a Grant Budget for 2017/18 of £20,000.

There is within this budget a Small Grants Pot (SGP) catering for grants upto a maximum of  £500. Allocations from SGP are not  subject to the same exacting criteria applied to main grants.

We have been approached by a number of charities seeking grants to support their work. Some exciting applications are well advanced and we hope to have positive outcomes shortly. We are always looking for imaginative projects that offer great value, tackle important needs and also meet our objectives.



Our Grant Programme for 2017/18 has not been fully allocated.

Stay & Play session

Stay & Play session

There are grant applications under consideration for this year but new projects are welcomed. Look at our criteria. “Matched funding” is a good way forward and will find favour with the trustees. We used this approach in our grants to Infosound.

All applications must meet our challenging criteria and in particular demonstrate “value for money”.

It is encouraging that the charities and other organisations we are talking to are responding well to our aims and objectives and have re-visited their applications with our help to improve value, measurable rewards and focus.

We all need to improve efficiency with less going on administration and more on meeting the need.

A fuller explanation of our grant criteria and processes can be found in What Do We Fund and the Grant Process

The trustees are happy to consider a broad range of applications and want to build long term relationships with more charities and not for profit organisations.

Find out here what grants we have made to date.


Debra and Duchenne Now are two charities we have been able to help under the Small Grants Pot arrangements.


We can use the Small Grants Pot throughout the year to support a wide range of cduchenne-now-newharities and not for profit organisations whose objectives resonate with our aims and strategy. It is our custom to make some grants from this pot to good causes at any time but particularly at Christmas.


Waldorf Experience

The WaldorfExperience 29

“Waldorf Experience” afternoon at Windermere School

We have piloted our own programme called the “Waldorf Experience” which focuses on tackling loneliness, one of the big challenges our society faces, and bringing the generations together.  The events embrace a high quality afternoon tea with song and music. The Foundation has worked with two forward looking and enthusiastic schools to offer the “Waldorf Experience”. To date we have held  eight events and they have all been a great success with everybody involved having a great time. More “Waldorf” afternoon teas are planned for the year ahead. Early in 2017 at both Windermere School and St Johns Academy we put on “Waldorf Concerts”. There was a varied programme of music complemented by a pre-concert reception of wine and canapes.The standard of music from the students was excellent. Our guests were also entertained by some excellent local choirs. The concerts were very popular with “full house” notices needed. The atmosphere at the concerts was magical with excellent feedback from everybody involved.We are looking to repeat the concerts in 2018.

Update on grants we are working on

infosound editor Rowland Myers at work in the studio

We made a grant in May 2017 to Infosound and as a follow up visited their studio in October. The operation and work being undertaken is truly impressive. We have agreed in principle to make a further grant to purchase more kit which will not only replace old equipment but open up new opportunities through state of the art technology.  Exciting times at Infosound and we hope to report about their work later in the year.

Discussions with Willowbrook Hospice about an ambitious project to create an outdoor garden room at the hospice in Prescot, Merseyside have been less successful. However opportunities with the hospice may arise in the future.

Our chairman Joanna Parry is visiting Tiger Kloof in South Africa in February 2018 and while there will be talking to key people about agreeing a project at Thussanang which is a centre in the township dedicated to disabled children and young people. In partnership with Windermere School we want to put a project together to secure the centre’s future and improve its facilities. There are considerable hurdles to overcome but we are all focused on delivering a range of benefits that are much needed.

All three grants are framed on a “matched funding” basis whereby we guarantee a grant subject to an agreed part of the project’s costs being met by other fund raising activities.

We will keep you up dated on progress through our blog.