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Our grants are focused on three key areas of need. Understand what we are trying to achieve.

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Saving Lives & Improving Health

Our strong relationships with Institute in the Park and Alder Hey Children's Hospital are good examples of how the Foundation has supported research into childhood illnesses and funded new kit to improve children's care.

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Tackling Poverty

Raising living standards in the poorer parts of the UK is rooted in working with families empowering them to make meaningful changes to their lives. Southside, a special charity in Bath, embodies this approach and we have supported them to deliver projects that are having a real impact.

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Helping People in Need

Infosound is a small charity based in Brighton dedicated to bringing a free audio service to visually impaired people across the country covering a wide range of subjects dealing with sight loss. The Foundation has helped them create a modern state of the art technical studio.

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What we are about

Understand us through our Record of Grants -who and what we support.